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To this day, the typical sound coloring of the Dave Brubeck Quartet is quite distinctive and unmistakable thanks to Paul Desmond’s tenor saxophone. But Gerry Mulligan’s low-pitched horn and his restrained swing also offers enough appeal to make one want to listen to these somewhat less popular but – for all that – very worthwhile recordings by the Quartet.

The Quartet’s concert tour of Mexico’s major cities in 1968 was a great success and so Dave Brubeck’s recording company had no qualms in making live recordings of the group – complemented by bassist Jack Six and drummer Alan Dawson. Themes from indigenous folk music were skillfully coupled with new compositions with the result being the LP Compadres. Its concert excerpts were in great demand and became a top hit.

This carefully remastered pressing will certainly contribute to the popularity of Dave Brubeck and Gerry Mulligan long after their demise.

"This enjoyable set showed that for Brubeck there was life after Paul Desmond." -Scott Yanow, allmusic.com

• 180g Virgin Vinyl
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Dave Brubeck, piano
Gerry Mulligan, baritone saxophone
Jack Six, bass
Alan Dawson, drums

Side One:
1. Jumping Bean
2. Adios, Mariquita Linda
3. Indian Song
4. Tender Woman (Tierna Mujer)
Side Two:
1. Amapola
2. Lullaby de Mexico (Lullaby of Mexico)
3. Sapito
4. Recuerdo (Remembrance)

Recording: 1968 live in Mexico by John Guerriere and Russ Payne

Dave Brubeck & Gerry Mulligan - Compadres - 180g

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