The recently-deceased Nina Simone singing at her passionate best on this 1967 release. This is a tremendous artist accurately reproducing native blues in a most compelling fashion. There are no mannerisms. Affectation never enters the picture. There is no hiding behind big bands, studied arrangements or audio effects. Miss Simone simply sings - with heart at all times, with guts on certain tunes and with abandon on everything.

Rudy Stevenson, guitar
Eric Gale, guitar
Bernard Purdle, drums
Bob Bushnell, bass
Ernest Hayes, organ
Buddy Lucas, harmonica and tenor sax

1. Do I Move You?
2. Day And Night
3. In The Dark
4. Real Real
5. My Man's Gone Now
6. Backlash Blues
7. I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl
8. Buck
9. Since I Fell For You
10. The House Of The Rising Sun
11. Blues For Mama

Recorded in RCA Victor's Studio B, New York City.
Recording Engineers: Ray Hall and Mickey Crofford.

Nina Simone -Sings The Blues - 180g

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