Direct Metal Mastering Pressed on High Quality 180 Gram Vinyl Double LP!

Stockfisch finally releases the album "Sara K & Chris Jones - Live In Concert" on vinyl for the first time for analog fans.

Live-Power – two guitars and the voice of Sara K., spontaneously virtuoso improvisations, no overdubs – wow!

In order to properly document the Nautilus-Tour in May/June 2002, Günter Pauler took along his "portable" studio – digital multi-track technology of the highest order, with which he recorded all 25 concerts. After listening to the tapes, the decision was unanimous – the concert in Erlangen's City Hall on June 15th, 2002 topped them all. The performance, atmosphere and sheer energy that Sara and Chris presented here was simply overwhelming.

"Live album from "Queen of Audiophile" Sara K. recorded during the B&W sponsored Nautilus tour in 2002. Sara K. signed to Stockfisch Records after her contract with Chesky Records had finished. The new contract was only one page, which says a lot about the trust Stockfisch has in their artists. For Sara K. this was one of the motivations for signing to the label, together with the fact that her accompanying guitarist would be Chris Jones, a skilled master of his instrument and on this album in top form. Characteristics of this albuma re the live feeling that makes you part of the audience, the beautiful voice of Sara K with a variety of timbres, and the beautiful, virtuoso guitar work of Jones. Recording quality is very high for recording engineer and founder of Stockfisch Gunter Pauler that comes natural." -, Quality Albums - Editors' Choice

"Let's be honest. Live albums are often bland; the songs pale versions of lavish studio originals. This one is different. The Texan songwriter and her sideman turned into groove masters during this concert in June 2002. Her 4-string and his steelstring/reso push songs such as "All Your Love" unresistably forward. And Sara coos, screams and squeaks in real hi-end sound. Great." - CD-Tipps, RTL II-Text, June 17, 2003

"An American guitarist and singer-songwriter, Sara K. cut a half-dozen records for Chesky before pairing up with Stockfisch, where seven albums ensued. Her pairing with Chris Jones made perfect sense: both share a raw and gutsy side, and this album pairs a soulful performance with vibrant sound. Gunter Pauler recorded 25 concerts during the Sara K./Chris Jones 2002 tour, and the June 15, 2002 performance in Erlangen, Germany was apparently the show where all the pistons were firing. There are no overdubs on Live in Concert, and it truly has a "live" feel." - Jeff Wilson, The Absolute Sound, October 2019

• Heavy Weight High Quality 180g Vinyl LP
• Double LP
• Direct Metal Mastering
• Produced, recorded and mixed by Gunter Pauler
• Premastering by Hans-Jorg Maucksch
• DMM Disc Cutting by Hendrik Pauler
• Gatefold jacket
• Made in Germany

Sara K., vocals, 4-string guitar
Chris Jones, Lowden guitar, manzanita, dobro

Side A:
1. Dementi
2. (Would You) Break My Heart
3. Anymore
4. All Your Love (Turned To Passion)
Side B:
1. In the Fall (Maggie's Dream)
2. Turned My Upside Down
3. Stop Those Bells
Side C:
1. Ball 'n Joint
2. Running Away From You
3. He Got You
Side D:
1. Water Falls
2. Blind-Hearted
3. Vincent

This album was recorded live (no overdubs!) during the Nautilus Tour 2002 at the Stadhalle in Erlangen, Germany, on June 15th, 2002

Sara K & Chris Jones - Live In Concert (Are We There Yet?) 180g 2LP (DMM)

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