Risk-, Force-, and Liquid-Free Stylus Cleaning: DS Audio ST-50 Stylus Cleaner Employs a Washable "Clean Room" Urethane Pad for Easy, Effective Drop-In Cleaning and Long Life

DS Audio's ST-50 stylus cleaner brings long-desired convenience, elegance, and performance to a task essential to every turntable owner. Housed in a highly buffed, nickel-plated aluminum casing cushioned in leather, the compact ST-50 employs a transparent urethane pad originally devised for "clean room" scrubbing in semiconductor manufacturing facilities. To clean your stylus, all you need to do is turn off your ‘table, remove ST-50's cover, place it on the platter, lift and lower your tonearm onto ST-50's pad two-to-three times, and you're done. This is force-free, stress-free, and liquid-free cleaning at its best – ensuring no damage to your cartridge from since you won't risk brushing it the wrong way or using a solvent that dissolves the bonding material. When ST-50's transparent pad gets dirty, simply remove it from the metal casing, rinse in water, and voila – you're ready to go. Analog just got more fun – again.


"The ST-50 works as promised and its low profile is less likely to create ‘incidents.'"
– Michael Fremer, Analog Planet

Stylus Cleaner DS Audio ST-50

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