180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl! Pressed at Pallas in Germany!

Although numerous doubts abounded that concept albums with thematic focus were not what people wanted to hear, Alan Parsons’ somewhat egomaniacal projects always found a broad public. Of course one can listen to the perfectly styled sound of the music which this man created at the mixing console and concentrate on its programmatic contents or wallow in its esoteric tonal depths. But you don’t have to, for Parsons’ velvety mixture of ballads and rock numbers will get your ears’ nerve endings tingling without lyrics and themes. The album The Turn Of A Friendly Card includes two of Parsons’ very best songs: "Time," with its beautiful harmonies, and the gently swinging "Games People Play" which opens with Empire fanfares. That the instrumental tracks are find favor with almost all rock fans is hardly surprising because the music more often than not emulates the driving sound of Brit Rock rather than bombastic "sonic souffles" (Rolling Stone). But be that as it may, the title certainly holds its promise. The sales figures for this album clearly show that this "friendly card" has definitely turned up trumps for Alan Parsons.

"Alan Parsons’ attention to engineering detail and multi-level instrumentals is captured by the audiophile virgin vinyl. The luxurious tones of the synthesizers are contrasted with the jagged electric guitars. The mix levels are balanced delicately. Whether it’s the power of the string sections or delicacy of the lithe vocalists, the quality is superior. The Turn Of A Friendly Card is a discerning combination of intriguing pop music and eminent studio technology." - Audiophile Audition, audaud.com, September 2011

• 180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl
• Pressed at Pallas in Germany

1. May Be a Price to Pay
2. Games People Play
3. Time
4. I Don't Wanna Go Home
5. The Gold Bug
6. The Turn of a Friendly Card
    I. The Turn of a Friendly Card (part one)
    II. Snake Eyes
    III. The Ace of Swords
    IV. Nothing Left to Lose
    V. The Turn of a Friendly Card (part two)

The Alan Parsons Project - The Turn Of A Friendly Card - 180gr

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