The Doobie Brothers started life as Pud in 1969 in Chateau Liberte, a club in the mountains of California. The group took on the slang name for marijuana cigarettes one year later. The Captain And Me is considered to be the group's most concentrated and versatile production since it contrasts aggressive, hard numbers with gentle ones full of melody. The very first number, "Natural Thing," shows how winsome vocal folk music and electric guitar riffs can be amalgamated into rock music.


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180g Audiophile Vinyl 1/2 Speed Mastered by Friday Music's Joe Reagoso & Capitol Records' Ron McMaster From Original Warner Vault Tapes!

As yet another installment in the 180 Gram vinyl series on The Doobie Brothers, this smash LP yielded the band four major hit singles, and a multi-platinum disc, which has since become one of the most popular albums of all time in classic rock. Featuring "Long Train Runnin’ "China Grove" & other favorites, The Captain & Me has truly stood the test of time.

Impeccably half-speed mastered using the original Warner vault tapes at Friday Music Studios by the award winning Joe Reagoso & Capitol Records in Hollywood with Ron McMaster, this proves to be one of the most desired audiophile releases of 2009! Packaged with the original gatefold cover, original art elements, protective poly record sleeve, and poly bag for the album cover. Enjoy!

• Limited Edition
• 180g Audiophile Vinyl
• Gatefold jacket
• Original graphics

1. Natural Thing
2. Long Train Runnin'
3. China Grove
4. Dark Eyed Cajun Woman
5. Clear As The Driven Snow
6. Without You
7. South City Midnight Lady
8. Evil Woman
9. Ukiah
10. The Captain And Me

The Doobie Brothers - The Captain and Me - 180g

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