Music is multifarious and transcends all lingual and cultural borders. Anyone who loves music wants not just to hear it, but to experience it: authentically, naturally and dynamically. As a musician or a music enthusiast – people all around the world are united by music.

This is the message of ‘The Pinnacle Of Chesky Voice’. The soulful voices of fourteen artists are demonstrating how passionate, authentic, natural and lively songs can be presented.



  • Kalerka (Pidgeon, Rebecca)
  • The Girl From Ipanema (Passos, Rosa & Carter, Ron)
  • Confesion (Gomez, Marta)
  • Full Moon In Paris (Rubarth, Amber)
  • Fly Me To The Moon (Caram, Ana)
  • I Cover The Waterfront (Butler, Laverne)
  • Vincent (Sara K.)
  • She's Not There (Baron, Christy)

The Pinnacle Of Chesky Voice Hybrid SACD Stereo

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